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AG Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Leo Hansmann

Experimentelle Tumorimmunologie
(Experimental Tumor Immunology)

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Research focus

Leo Hansmann's research group studies the human immune system with a focus on T and B cell biology in the context of solid and hematopoietic malignancies. The group is in particular interested in the cues that drive clonal lymphocyte expansion and how malignancies can evade cellular immune responses.

News and announcements

Selected publications

  • Penter, L., Dietze, K., Ritter, J., Lammoglia-Cobo, F.M., Garmshausen, J., Aigner, F., Bullinger, L., Hackstein, H., Wienzek-Lischka, S., Blankenstein, T., Hummel, M., Dornmair, K., Hansmann, L. Localization-associated immune phenotypes of clonally expanded tumor-infiltrating T cells and distribution of their target antigens in rectal cancer. OncoImmunology (2019) DOI
  • Penter, L., Dietze, K., Bullinger, L., Westermann, J., Rahn, H.P. & Hansmann, L. FACS single cell index sorting is highly reliable and determines immune phenotypes of clonally expanded T cells. European journal of immunology 48, 1248-1250 (2018). PubMed
  • Hansmann, L., Han, A., Penter, L., Liedtke, M. & Davis, M.M. Clonal Expansion and Interrelatedness of Distinct B-Lineage Compartments in Multiple Myeloma Bone Marrow. Cancer immunology research 5, 744-754 (2017). PubMed
  • Hansmann, L., Blum, L., Ju, C.H., Liedtke, M., Robinson, W.H. & Davis, M.M. Mass cytometry analysis shows that a novel memory phenotype B cell is expanded in multiple myeloma. Cancer immunology research 3, 650-660 (2015). PubMed
  • Han, A., Glanville, J., Hansmann, L. & Davis, M.M. Linking T-cell receptor sequence to functional phenotype at the single-cell level. Nature biotechnology 32, 684-692 (2014). PubMed
  • Hansmann, L., Schmidl, C., Kett, J., Steger, L., Andreesen, R., Hoffmann, P., Rehli, M. & Edinger, M. Dominant Th2 differentiation of human regulatory T cells upon loss of FOXP3 expression. Journal of immunology 188, 1275-1282 (2012). PubMed