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AG Dr. med. Livius Penter

We investigate immune cell responses against blood malignancies using computational immunogenomics approaches. 

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Focus of research

We are committed to understanding how immune cells control malignant transformation, why this fails in cancer and how we can regain tumor control through therapeutic immunomodulation.

We use a computational immunogenomics approach to dissect interactions between tumor and immune cells with a focus on blood malignancies and allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Our goal is to identify and develop novel strategies for immunotherapies.

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News and announcements

  • 2023 The Penter lab starts as Max-Eder Research Group supported by the German Cancer Aid foundation (Deutsche Krebshilfe)

Selected publications

Mechanisms of response and resistance to combined decitabine and ipilimumab for advanced myeloid disease
Penter L
, Liu Y, Wolff JO, Yang L, Taing L, Jhaveri A, Southard J, Patel M, Cullen NM, Pfaff KL, Cieri N, Oliveira G, Kim- Schulze S, Ranasinghe S, Leonard R, Robertson T, Morgan EA, Chen HX, Song MH, Thurin M, Li S, Rodig SJ, Cibulskis C, Gabriel S, Bachireddy P, Ritz J, Streicher H, Neuberg DS, Hodi FS, Davids MS, Gnjatic S, Livak KJ, Altreuter J, Michor F, Soiffer RJ, Garcia JS, Wu CJ Blood. 2023 Apr 13;141(15):1817-1830. PMID: 36706355 PubMed 

Ipilimumab plus decitabine for patients with MDS or AML in posttransplant or transplant-naïve settings.
Garcia JS, Flamand Y, Penter L, Keng M, Tomlinson BK, Mendez LM, Koller P, Cullen N, Arihara Y, Pfaff K, Wolff JO, Brunner AM, Galinsky I, Bashey A, Antin JH, Cutler C, Ho V, Jonas BA, Luskin MR, Wadleigh M, Winer ES, Savell A, Leonard R, Robertson T, Davids MS, Streicher H, Rodig SJ, Ritz J, Wu CJ, DeAngelo DJ, Neuberg D, Stone RM, Soiffer RJ.
Blood. 2023 Apr 13;141(15):1884-1888. PMID: 36332187 PubMed 

Mitochondrial DNA mutations as natural barcodes for lineage tracing of murine tumor models
Penter L*
, ten Hacken E*, Southard J, Lareau CA, Ludwig LS, Li S, Neuberg DS, Livak KJ, Wu CJ Cancer Research. 2023 Mar 2;83(5):667-672. PMID: 36469010 PubMed 

Natural Barcodes for Longitudinal Single Cell Tracking of Leukemic and Immune Cell Dynamics
Penter L
, Gohil SH, Wu CJ
Frontiers in Immunology. 2022 12:788891. PMID: 35046946 PubMed 

Longitudinal single-cell dynamics of chromatin accessibility and mitochondrial mutations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia mirror disease history
Penter L*
, Gohil SH*, Lareau C, Ludwig LS, Parry EM, Huang T, Li S, Zhang W, Livitz D, Leshchiner I, Parida L, Getz G, Rassenti LZ, Kipps TJ, Brown JR, Davids MS, Neuberg DS, Livak KJ, Sankaran VG, Wu CJ. Cancer Discovery. 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-21-0276. 2021 PMID: 34112698 PubMed 

Molecular and cellular features of CTLA-4 blockade for relapsed myeloid malignancies after transplantation
Penter L
, Zhang Y, Savell A, Huang T, Cieri N, Thrash EM, Kim-Schulze S, Jhaveri A, Fu J, Ranasinghe S, Li S, Zhang W, Hathaway ES, Nazzaro M, Kim HT, Chen H, Thurin M, Rodig SJ, Severgnini M, Cibulskis C, Gabriel S, Livak KJ, Cutler C, Antin JH, Nikiforow S, Koreth J, Ho VT, Armand P, Ritz J, Streicher H, Neuberg D, Hodi FS, Gnjatic S, Soiffer RJ, Liu XS, Davids MS, Bachireddy P, Wu CJ. Blood. 2021 137 (23), 3212-3217. PMID: 33720354 PubMed 

Coevolving JAK2V617F+relapsed AML and donor T cells with PD-1 blockade after stem cell transplantation: an index case.
Penter L
, Gohil SH, Huang T, Thrash EM, Schmidt D, Li S, Severgnini M, Neuberg D, Hodi FS, Livak KJ, Zeiser R, Bachireddy P, Wu CJ.
Blood Adv. 2021 Nov 23;5(22):4701-4709. PMID: 34432868 PubMed

Personal tumor antigens in blood malignancies: genomics-directed identification and targeting.
Penter L
, Wu CJ.
J Clin Invest. 2020 Apr 1;130(4):1595-1607. PMID: 31985488 PubMed 

Localization-associated immune phenotypes of clonally expanded tumor-infiltrating T cells and distribution of their target antigens in rectal cancer.
Penter L
, Dietze K, Ritter J, Lammoglia Cobo MF, Garmshausen J, Aigner F, Bullinger L, Hackstein H, Wienzek-Lischka S, Blankenstein T, Hummel M, Dornmair K, Hansmann L.
Oncoimmunology. 2019 Mar 24;8(6):e1586409. eCollection 2019. PMID: 31069154 PubMed 

FACS single cell index sorting is highly reliable and determines immune phenotypes of clonally expanded T cells.
Penter L
, Dietze K, Bullinger L, Westermann J, Rahn HP, Hansmann L.
Eur J Immunol. 2018 Jul;48(7):1248-1250. PMID: 29537492 PubMed